Swimming pool – swimming paradise in the garden

Crowded beaches are out – enjoy the cool water rather in your own garden! MyHammer will introduce you to the two main variants of the garden pools.

Swimming pool build: The correct pool in the right place
To prolong the enjoyment of your home swimming pool, pay attention at the planning stage to:


Choose a sheltered and sunny spot. Also, avoid trees near the swimming pool in order to reduce the pollution of water. You may need to lay cables, schedule the pool pool near the house.

Pool-type and size

The pool-type and size of your planned swimming pools depends on the space and your individual needs. Recommended however is a minimum pool size of 2, 5 and a depth of 1,4m x5m. For children there is a flat zone area is at a depth of about 75cm.

Returns and Warranty

Prices for pools vary greatly. Whether standard ground pool or individually planned garden pool, choose a product with the highest possible warranty period. Which can be up to 20 years depending on the price.

Building permit

Building permits for a pool are governed by the building regulations of your state and depending on the size of the pool. Often a building permit until 100 cubic meters is necessary.

Pool Heater

Beat the seasons cheat and enjoy your pool even in cooler climates. Pool heaters make it possible!

Pool Safety: You should base

Pool safety is important, especially if small children in the household. To protect a fixed cover against accidents and at the same time reduces pollution and heat loss from the water. Novel Solar covers heat the water even further!

Risk of slipping in wet conditions, you reduce by using non-slip stone such as granite and sandstone poolside. The latter are also frost-proof!

Swimming pond: Naturally ecological into the water!

A swimming pond is the chemistry-free variant of a garden pool. The water treatment is carried out on ecological way, in a separate basin of the pond. Even the look of most swimming ponds are natural and blend into the landscaped gardens.

Another advantage: swimming ponds are less maintenance intensive than classical swimming pools and maintenance costs by less!

Tip: An existing pool can be transformed into a natural pool. This, however, expertise is needed because the old pool has to be supplemented by a filter zone.

Freedom: Individual swimming ponds for your garden

With a swimming pond there are no limits to your ideas. Modern technology allows almost any shape: curved, stepped or rectangular! The individual bank design and additional design elements such as a running stream, bubbling stone, Boardwalk or underwater spotlights give your swimming pond an exclusive touch.

Important: Only the regeneration zone and shallow swimming areas are covered with gravel. The deepwater zone remains free, so that they can be freed from deposits. These silt remover can be used.

Self-cleaning without chemicals: Schwimmteiche recycle water!

To prepare naturally water must form a stable ecosystem of swimming pond. These two zones are created pond: swimming zone and regeneration zone. These two separate zones also explain the increased space requirement for swimming ponds!

The water purification is then mainly in the shallow water zone of the so-called regeneration zone instead, various plants such as cattails, rushes and reeds and sand and gravel filter the water. We recommend an additional water circulation pump, which supports the process and to circulate the water.

Garden Pool

The dream of owning a garden connect almost all builders of a family house with the idea of ​​being able to move their living room to the garden in the warmer months. However, many residents rented accommodation at creating a garden to enjoy nature in its self-created environment.

Garden Pool for more relaxation

Apart from the sometimes heavy gardening they love the hours in which they can forget about everyday life and let your soul. By then germinates the desire for the garden pool, into which they can dip on hot days to refresh. The path to this goal is intended as a garden pool or a kit of poolseller.de easier. Such a pool in various shapes and sizes fit in harmoniously with the planting of the garden, and made possible through a wide range of pool accessories unadulterated fun.

Which garden pools to choose from?

The classic model is the circular pool in the form of a steel wall pool, which is lined with a blue PVC sheet. This construction, however, is also available in an oval or octagonal shape. This type of pool can be installed above ground or is sunk into the ground. Prefabricated swimming pools and DIY pools are more Variantenvon a garden pool, and various functions, including massage function can be included in the pool equipment. All these pools are operated by a professional cleaning system and poolseller.de offers this complete equipment.

Where is such a garden pool set?

Each of water in the garden can only be as good as it is protected from contamination. The pool is no exception, and therefore the choice of location is already crucial. Garden Pools should never be positioned under trees because falling leaves and twigs, pollen and bird droppings would pollute the water constantly. This stress forces the cleaning technology for maximum performance and an unacceptably high level of maintenance.

A burrowed garden pool should still be slightly elevated and surrounded by an embankment. This design prevents blades of grass can be blown away by the mowing and other plant debris in the pool by the wind. The slope can be greening nicely.

Garden Pool: The visibility and wind protection

Anyone who wants to use a garden pool would, in this case be protected from prying eyes. But he would not like that at times cold winds over wet skin underline. Sauna owners who will also find it at poolseller.de, use the pool as a plunge pool.

You all should plan for the investment of its pools from the outset a visual and wind screens. They must not imprison high palisade walls etc. itself. Rather, considering arranged trellises or shrubs are further away from the garden pool is the better choice if you close the sightlines.